I am a serial entrepreneur. It took me years to admit that. I used to look at it as quitting what I had started. I now realize that I was just searching for the RIGHT business for me! Now, it’s not just one business that I really enjoy, and that’s ok! But, the key here is that I thoroughly enjoy everything that I do. How many people can say that?!

Selling on Amazon FBA is what you would call my main business. It’s pretty awesome! I have a few other small enterprises that are mostly offline. A few of them are both online and off.

I love to design and create handmade cards. I’ve sold them in one form or another for years. It’s one of the first businesses that I started! My very first true business was selling hand knitted wool soakers for use with cloth diapers. We were broke college kids with a new baby. I couldn’t afford to buy them, so I taught myself to knit and made my own! It didn’t take long to decide to sell them. I’ve always had a creative streak. I’m a bit of an artist, I guess.

Merch by Amazon is my latest artistic outlet. I can’t wait to get going on t-shirt designs!

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