About Me

Hi! My name is, wait for it…..Danica Bailey! I am a devoted wife, homeschooling mom and entrepreneur. My family is second only to my faith.

I love to talk about homeschooling, building multiple income streams, veganism, family life and a million other things. I’m sure you’ll see all of these come up time and again here on DanicaBailey.com. I promise to try to compartmentalize the different subjects!! But, sometimes they all bleed into one post. đŸ˜‰

I currently am a part of two Youtube shows. One of them is called the Reseller Wakeup. That is a show started by Paul Gummerson that airs Monday through Friday at 8am CST. It’s a two hour long show centered around our daily lives as resellers. The other is a new show I started about creating multiple income streams. It airs on Monday nights at 7pm CST. You can find it on my Youtube channel called Vegan Picker.

If you ever need to contact me, please feel free!!! You can email me at:  danica (at) danicabailey.com


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